Letters, numbers & other typographic pulp. Salvaged from the wild. Served-up hot ‘n’ fresh. 

Typography epitomizes the axiom that “form follows function” … in reverse. Without a specific form, type has no function. Flip a number “6” upside-down, and its meaning changes...it becomes a number “9”.  A letter “O” without its counter is a circle.

I am passionate about design…. I’ve been at it for over 2 decades now (LinkedIn). And I especially love type. Since 2011, I’ve been collecting letters, numbers and other typographic pulp from the “real-world”, running my crazy experiments and servin’ it all up online here. (Merch, Photo Blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Welcome to my wicked lil’ workshop…wuah ha ha haaaaaaaaa. 

Oh, and I do plenty of custom “stuff”… logos, design, brand identity, etc. So, if there is something specific I can help you with, just let me know! (Contact)

The grand experiment continues…let go & let come what may.

~ The Pulp Typographer

NOTE: No type has been harmed in the creation and/or maintenance of this site.

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